Space Landing In Marina Del Rey


Prepare for landing! Over 4 years ago, more than 1.5 million spectators gathered to watch the retired space shuttle Endeavor arrive in Los Angeles en route to the California Science Center.

Officials expect the same amount of onlookers next Wednesday, May 18, when a giant fuel tank known as the ET-94 will arrive in Marina Del Rey to embark on a road trip to Exposition Park. The 66,000-pound, 15-story-tall cylindrical tank left New Orleans on a barge in mid-April, and is now expected to go through customs in San Diego on Sunday.

The barge is set to arrive at Marina del Rey’s Fisherman’s Village at 6 a.m. May 18, and begin its earthly journey on Fiji Way at 12:01 a.m. May 20. It will then be towed very slowly and very carefully to the California Science Center in Exposition Park, which is expected to take 13 to 18 hours, with an arrival time around dinnertime the same day.

Arrive bright and early for a first look at this exciting piece of the extraterrestrial – but at 15 stories high, it will probably be hard to miss. For more information and best viewing locations, check out full details here: